My first real (non-trial) lesson with Jean-Michel was fantastic and I’m really pleased that I’ve chosen him as my French teacher. The lesson was fun, interesting, and useful, and the time flew by. Before the lesson, he’d corrected the homework that he’d given me at the end of our trial lesson and had prepared materials for today, which we worked through together. Jean-Michel was very patient and encouraging as I tried to express my thoughts in French (without much success, as I’m just a beginner). I’m looking forward to making lots of progress during our future lessons together.


An excellent first lesson with Jean-Michel. I have had “book lesson” on my to-do list for about three months but was a bit intimidated because I have not spoken French in a very long time and was intimidated to start learning. Jean-Michel immediately put me at ease and quickly targeted his teaching to my level. Highly recommended!


Excellent first lesson with Jean Michel. It went by very fast.. his method of teaching is very practical and it make you feel at ease when speaking french. Thank you Jean Michel !


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